About Me

Hello and welcome to Tiny Kitchen Blog.

This is Strawberryelmo living her foodie adventures.


I have always loved sweets and helped my mother preparing cakes, but I started creating treats on my own when I was 15. My mother inspired me, who has alsways been a good and creative cook/baker. She actually had an education as a baker, but she was never intended to make this become her job. She studied medicine and became a doctor.

Some further (foodie) facts about me:

I write and draw with my left hand, but I use the right one for everything else.
I do not eat meat, because it smells like.. urgh.
I hate winter and winter sport, except ice skating :P
I miss my sea and the hot Bulgarian summer.
I love fruit and vegetables.
I hate peppermint, caraway and lemon grass. Do not even mention them. Eeew.
Gelatin and I will always be frenemies, I only use it if really necessary. I try not to think about what it is made of.
I have so many interests and few time. But whatever I do, I always do my best.

If you want to see what I am doing outside my tiny kitchen, visit my other blog on www.strawberryelmo.wordpress.com or my Pinterest board.