Chocolate Cream Cheese

While I am still enjoying the heat of September in Bulgaria, I present to you the easiest, most-addictive topping for everything.

cream cheese

It is helthier than Nutella and oh-so-creamy. You can prepare a lot of it ahead and store it in an airtight container in the refridgerator.

cream cheese2

Basically, you can choose any kind of chocolate for this cream, but I like dark chocolate the most, because it contains a lot of cocoa and has the strongest taste.

If you are a chocolate-lover, you should just grab the following two ingredients and make yourself some happiness topping.

Chocolate Cream Cheese

150 g (5 oz.) cream cheese
50 g (1 2/3 oz.) dark chocolate

Chop the chocolate and microwave in a bowl until it melts, heating for not longer than 30 seconds at a time. You can also use the water bath method to melt the chocolate.

Mix chocolate and cream cheese until well-combined.

Let the topping cool in the fridge for about 30 minutes, so it gets a little firmer.

Spread on bread, cupcakes, cake and the like.